These are the Terms and Conditions of WWW.CVW-2.ORG
Please read them carefully.
Any violation of these Terms & Conditions, either willfully or accidentally, will result in disciplinary procedures,up to and including expulsion.
If you don't think you can live by these rules, by all means feel free to go elsewhere.

1. General
  1.1 Upon registering you shall agree to these terms and conditions.
  1.2 All information supplied shall be true and correct, and will be held in strict confidence by CVW-2.
  1.3 By acceptance and verification of your membership, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations.
2. Application Information
  2.1 All information furnished shall be true and correct in all respects.
  2.2 You certify that, at the time of application, you are at least 21 years of age.
  2.3 You certify that, at the time of application, you are in posession of either:
       A.  A Private Pilot's license (or better) issued by a regular government body (FAA, CAA, ICAO)
       B. A Private Pilot's license & an Instrument Pilot's certifcate, issued and verifieable within FSX.
  2.4 You posess legally obtained copies of all "payware" aircraft, scenery, & other addons.
  2.5 You are not now (at the time of your commencement of activity with WWW.CVW-2.ORG) a member
      of any other virtual military or governmental flying group.
  2.6 You will maintain an "active presence" within WWW.CVW-2.ORG.
      This includes maintaining flight proficiency and currency with Carrier Qualification & AAR currency,
       either via recorded Multi-Player sessions or documented single player operations.

Anyone found to have been fraudulent in any of their statements on the application, or to be guilty of conduct which reflects negatively on CVW-2 will be summarily dismissed.

If you feel you can abide by the rules of WWW.CVW-2.ORG, and be truthful and correct in your application, please feel free to continue with the registration
Otherwise, thanks for your interest, and good luck in your flight simming, elsewhere.
I accept the Terms and Conditions and would like to continue in the registration process.